Portable Handwashing / Sanitizing Station Rentals

At Mobile Sanitation, we pride ourselves on customer service and the cleanliness of our products. Whether you are renting a single restroom unit or a luxury restroom trailer, we aim to make sure all patrons have the clean and comfortable bathroom experience that everyone deserves.

Mobile Sanitation offers portable sinks with traditional soap and water, or hand-sanitizer stations. From one-person sinks to four-person washing stations, there are various options to fit your needs.

Serving food at your event? Our portable sink stations are perfect for schools, picnics, weddings, and any other outdoor event. The foam hand sanitizers kill 99% of germs (including E. coli and salmonella) and a single stand provides enough foam for more than 5,300 applications. Plus, the convenient foam eliminates the need for – and disposal of – paper towels.



  • Capacity: 22-gallon fresh water, 24-gallon grey water
  • Nearly 350 uses without refilling
  • Includes two soap dispensers, two towel dispensers and hands-free foot pump operation
  • Weighs 70-lbs empty, 250-lbs full

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