Products and Services

Construction units

We feature the workhorse of the Polyjohn fleet providing rugged and durable restrooms to withstand the rigors of a construction site. We separate ourselves with outstanding service and want to be a part of your next project.

Special Events

We maintain an inventory of special event restrooms to insure your venue has the freshest, cleanest facilities. We grow our business by providing great customer service and your satisfaction is our top priority. Let us show you the difference. We’ve helped clients add special touches such as: rugs, lighting, special scents, or other details to set your event apart.

special occasion use of units


Clean facilities as well as a variety of hand-cleaning options keep patrons comfortable, happy, and at your event for a longer time. Happy patrons equal increased spending and more profits for your event. Our selection of hand sanitizers and portable sinks are the perfect addition to any festival where food is being served.


Whether it’s a ball field, golf course, or your local park, we offer various options and products to fit your seasonal demands. We’re local and most likely to use these facilities ourselves, so it is important to us that we exceed expectations.
seasonal use of units