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“We just wanted to thank you for your services for our wedding. So much time/money went into making sure we had the right tent, good food, etc… and we never thought much about the restrooms. Luckily, you guys came through for us. The restrooms were perfect and the flowers and carpets inside were an extra-special touch. So many people commented on how nice the restrooms were…" -Brooke L.
“…The portable hand sanitizer stations worked out great. We were able to move them to wherever the action was. We received several comments from our guests about how nice those were. We’ll definitely use them again next year!” - Dianne S.
“Our other toilet supplier would deliver minutes before or, in one case, hours into the auction that day. We appreciate you having everything in place and ready ahead of time.” -Jon P.
“…We appreciate you guys getting those restrooms out to us in such short notice. Ordering them completely slipped my mind and our crews were starting to arrive. Thank you!” -Mark N.
“Thanks for supplying restrooms for our baseball complex again this season. We get so many positive comments on how nice they are. You guys do a great job of keeping them clean especially during the hot season.” -Melissa J.