What do you want to be when you grow up?

I can honestly say I never thought my husband Mike and I would own a portable restroom business. Nevertheless, it’s a good story so we thought we’d share how we landed in this business.

I’ll start by saying that Mike’s parents, Skip and Melanie, started a portable restroom business many years back. They successfully built up then sold their business and moved onto other endeavors. 20 years later, Mike had the desire to start a small business. In 2007, Skip located a portable sanitation truck for a good price and Mike decided to buy a few portable restrooms for weekend parties and small events. With a few good contacts and the past experience of his parents to learn from, Mike and I were able to run a small business on the side. At the time Mike still worked full time but that soon changed.

Fast-forward two years to when the economy crashed and Mike, like many others, fell victim to the layoffs that stung the manufacturing industry. It soon became apparent to us that we needed to make the most of the opportunity that we had in front of us. So we bought more portable restrooms and hand-sanitizer stations, joined local Chambers of Commerce, the Homebuilders Association, and started networking to get the word out. We saw a niche for great service, clean portable restrooms, and some unique touches. For Mike, one door closed and another one opened, and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to begin growing a small business.

Being a woman-owned business in this industry, I believe that our units need to be clean enough for a woman. To me, many men can get by using just about any facility, but to a woman (and mother), cleanliness is first and foremost. So we like to go beyond that. For our special events and private parties, we’ve put rugs, tissues, flowers, etc in the units. We add special touches that you typically won’t find elsewhere. We’ll consult on where to place units and why this makes a difference. Clean portable restrooms will keep people at your event so you’ll make more money or simply host your guests longer. These special touches add value to our clients.

We build our business on referrals so we want people to notice that not all portable restrooms are the same! We go the extra mile and take pride in what we do.

We’ve developed great relationships with our clients. They range from event planners and auctioneers to sports teams and constructions sites. We have added mobile sinks and hand sanitizing stations which have become increasingly popular where food is served. Anywhere you need a portable restroom or sanitizers, we want you to think of Mobile Sanitation!

We truly appreciate each of our clients and the opportunity to work with them. Not only are they getting better quality products and service, but they are helping a family build a business. We have three beautiful daughters: Anna, Sophia, and Ava, that we are building a future for. For never thinking this is where we would be, we sure are glad to be here!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Mobile Sanitation. Feedback is a gift, so if you have something to share please email us!


All the best,

Katy Jacomet

Mike Jacomet

Katy Jacomet